myofascial release

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY is a treatment that involves a mild and gentle form of stretching the fascial connective tissue. When an injury scars or hardens the facia in one area, it can put tension on other areas of the body even some distance from the injured area.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPIST specialize in helping to alleviate the pain and restore functional ability for patients. Generally, cases will resolve with four to twelve weeks of treatment, two-to-three times a week. However, when working with chronic pain patients it could take more therapy than the “average” patient. Experience indicates that fewer than two treatments a week will often result in fascial tightness creeping back to the level prior to the last treatment. The key to success is the teamwork between the practitioner and the patient with both being actively committed to the short-term treatment program. Magnolia Outpatient Rehabilitation offers their services for people who have been injured in an auto accident, at work, or who have been involved in a personal injury. Our team of certified and licensed professionals administer a program that is designed to keep the patients directly under the medical guidance of their referring physician, who in turn will provide all of the care and services that they feel are necessary in conjunction with the MYOFASCIAL RELEASE treatment. Typical programs run from four to twelve weeks depending on the health care provider’s direction.


FASCIA – A specialized system of the body that has a similar appearance to a spider web. It is a single connective tissue that lines and covers nearly every muscle, nerve, bone, artery, and vein as well as all our internal organs from the top of our head down to our toes. As you can see, it plays an important role in the support of our bodies.