Kinesiotape is a thin, stretchy, waterproof cotton tape that is about as thick and stretchy as human skin. It is a great non-bulky, non-restrictive alternative to a big brace for treating a variety of injuries. It also has a grid-like pattern which makes it breathable.

A trained therapist will take a look at the injury, and make a taping plan. The tape can be applied with different tensions to generate the appropriate amount of support to stabilize the affected area.

Since the tape is made of stretchy cotton, it is very strong. This provides support but still allows for movement. The certified therapist will put the tape on the affected area, and then rub it to activate the adhesive. The tape gently lifts the skin and allows increased blood flow between the skin and the affected muscle area below.

Four major goals of the tape:

  1. Muscle support: improves the ability to move weakened muscles and reduces pain
  2. Improves blood circulation: improves blood circulation by gently lifting the skin to allow increased blood flow.
  3. Stimulates healing: promotes healing naturally
  4. Improves joint problems: increased range of motion


Because the tape is non-medicinal and non-invasive it can be used for children and adults. The tape is made from latex-free elastic fibers and cotton so it should be hypoallergenic.

Our facilities are sanitized daily with Vollara’s Air & Surface Pro that reduces viral contaminants from the air.

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