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Magnolia Rehab Charities/Donations

Loving Arms:

With 80% of Guatemala’s rural population living below the poverty line. Loving arms promotes income-generating opportunities by encouraging people to start small businesses with the expectation of achieving long-term economic stability and self-sufficiency. The income-generating initiatives of loving arms include co-operatives in individual villages and also initiatives that link multiple villages.

Ongoing Programs

We coordinate volunteer work teams to travel from Canada to Guatemala at least twice yearly to support and work on various projects. We distribute food, donated clothing, hygiene projects, school supplies and other miscellaneous items in the communities in Parramos and Parrojas & Parajax. We coordinate free medical and dental clinics in the community of Parramos using the services of local volunteer doctors and dentists and we distribute donated medical and dental supplies. We support outreach programs in these communities. We provide programs and activities including youth sports, crafts workshops, and bible studies.

Magnolia Rehab specifically sponsors a child beginning school in Parramos.  Our sponsorship covers the cost of the school and supplies for the entire year.

L.A.W. Publications (Child Identity Theft Program):

The primary purpose of L.A.W. Publications is to educate children and adults about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as a variety of safety issues such as identity theft and gang-related violence prevention.  We hope to accomplish our purpose by:

Working hand in hand with local law enforcement agencies.

Developing and publishing up-to-date educational material.

Providing exceptional service to law enforcement and the communities that they represent.

Every Year Magnolia Rehab sponsors the cost of Finger printing every child in Starkville, MS for Identity Theft purposes.

Sally Kate Winters:

Since the inception of the Sally Kate Winters Memorial Children’s Home in 1990, the mission of the program has been to offer the gift of humanity, love, and respect to children traumatized by child abuse and neglect. This mission has allowed the program to provide emergency shelter services to numerous children in need of a temporary, safe-haven while permanency was being sought for their lives. Through the years, additional programs were added to support children and families through an effort of preventing child abuse, neglect, and family violence. In 2006, the Sally Kate Winters Memorial Children’s Home began a proactive transformation to include new services, existing services, and a uniform agency approach that would most effectively serve local children and families.

Today, Sally Kate Winters Family Services remains committed to providing a continuum of care and comprehensive array of services for children and families that will empower them to seek an improved quality of life.

Every Year Magnolia Rehab sponsors the big Sally Kate Winters 5K Run/Walk which takes place in downtown West Point during the national child abuse prevention month (April).

Contemporary Concepts:

Our service is directed to families who have suffered the loss of a loved one. It is designed to provide these families with the sincere and necessary feelings of comfort, consolation and hope during the most difficult time in their lives. Its uplifting message leaves a positive and indelible impression on the families.

Magnolia Rehab sponsors the publication of the book entitled “Lift Up Thine Eyes”.  These books are distributed to local funeral homes in Columbus and West Point MS.  They are handed out to the families who have lost loved ones.

The Arc of Clay County:

The Autism NOW Center provides high quality resources and information in core areas across the lifespan to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities, their families, caregivers, and professional in the field. Focus areas include: Early detection, Early intervention, and Early education; Transition from high school into early adulthood; Community based employment; Advocacy for families and self-advocates; Community Inclusion; Aging Issues; Policy; Implementation of Health Care Reform, including Long Term Care Services and Supports; Family and Sibling Support; and Networking in local, state, and national arenas.

Magnolia Rehab sponsors the Arc of Clay County through the donation of funds for tickets sponsoring a silent auction showcases 15 local artists which are paired with the arc class and the students from the T.K. Martin Center. These students will create masterpieces along with the local artists that will be auctioned off. All donations will benefit the Arc of Clay County.

The Public Relations Institute – Childrens Books

This organization works with daycares and daycare providers to give children and their families of  3 and 4 year olds an activity book entitled “A Special Gift”

The content of this book includes the importance of faith, family, freedom, nature, and friendship are all emphasized. This volume will be especially inspiring and helpful to parents and the childcare provider as they begin to instill positive values in their children.

Magnolia Rehab provides these books to the local daycares in Columbus, West Point, and Starkville, MS.      

T.K. Martin Center: 

The Mission of the T.K. Martin Center for Technology & Disability is to ensure that persons with disabilities are able to continually benefit from technological solutions and advances in the field of assistive technology.

In order to empower individuals with disabilities through leading edge technologies the T.K. Martin Center for Technology & Disability maintains a state of the art clinical, research and training program focusing modern technologies, in a comprehensive and integrated manner, to the needs of persons with disabilities.

The services of the T.K. Martin Center are made available to persons with disabilities regardless of age or diagnosis. Impairment has many limiting effects, which can be broadly categorized into the following, none of which is mutually exclusive:

  • mobility
  • dexterity
  • communication
  • seeing and hearing (sensory function)
  • learning and understanding (cognitive function)

The T.K. Martin Center provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluations to remove these limitations through the application of assistive technology, allowing individuals to participate in educational, vocational and leisure activities to the fullest degree they choose. The comprehensive nature of the services offered ensures that the correct solutions are achieved efficiently and effectively, with needs being met in a one-stop shop.

The staff of the T.K. Martin Center consists of a specialized team of Speech-language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Special Educators, and Rehabilitation and Biomedical Engineers. Facilities at the center include adaptive computer laboratories, design and fabrication workshops, a vehicle augmentation lab, a seating and mobility center and specialized evaluation rooms. The fusion of modern facilities and resources with a staff dedicated to the realization of untapped human potential ensures a comprehensive approach with integrated, composite outcomes for persons with disabilities.

The T.K. Martin Center is unique in the field of Assistive Technology because it is a direct clinical service center located on the campus of a major research university. This allows academic programs the opportunity to experience first hand the benefits of assistive technology as well as promote interdisciplinary research crucial to the application of assistive technology. The clinical service aspect of the Center also provides a site for practicum, internship, and cooperative study placements of students from Mississippi State University as well as other universities and training programs.

Magnolia Rehab sponsors the T.K. Martin Center through donations which also helped in the opening of the new T.K. Martin Center classroom in West Point, MS.

American Cancer Society (Relay for Life):

Every year Magnolia Rehab participates in Relay For Life which is an annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. 

Magnolia Rehab donates money as well as employees of the company participating in the fundraising events.

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